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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Baby Shower Cake

3 Tiered Christmas Cake

Crazy Pizza Cakes
Vanilla cake with Fondx

Jeanette's Engagement
Vanilla cake with MMF

Critter Crunch
Chocolate cake covered with MMF

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Buttercream on Styrofoam

St. Patrick's Day Wedding
Modeling Chocolate on Styrofoam

 Worst Cake Ever.
Sculpted Cake and Modeling Chocolate

Tuskarr of Northrend
Modeling Chocolate and Rice Cereal Treats

 Happy Anniversary
Butter Pecan Cake with Eggnog filling

My Birthday!
Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

The Sims 3: Very Fulfilled
French Vanilla Cake

The Sims 3
French Vanilla Cakes

Tyler's 18th Birthday
Snickers Inspired Cake

Zoey's Baptism
French Vanilla Cake

Happy Birthday Lonnie!
Whipped Ganache Chocolate Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

World of Warcraft themed baby cake

Happy 1st Birthday, Zoey!
Red Velvet Party Cake with
matching French Vanilla Smash Cake

Happy Birthday, Todd!
Yellow Cake with Choco/Peanut Butter Icing

Happy Birthday, Hang!
Dark Chocolate Oreo Cake

Sunflower Cupcake

That Takes the Cake 2010
1st Place
Adult Beginner - Sculpted Cakes
"Maneki Neko"

That Takes the Cake 2010
2nd Place
Adult Beginner -  Special Techniques

 That Takes the Cake 2010
Adult Beginner - Wedding Tiered
"Something Blue"

Happy 1st Birthday, Malaya! 

Oreo Graduation Cake

Wedding Cake Prototype

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Happy New Year!


Penguin Christmas

Cake for the Dragon Age development team

Cake for my in-laws

Happy Halloween!

Practice Run

Practice Cake for Several Techniques


(Mark's 33rd Birthday!)

(Shawn's 29th Birthday!)

(Another Dragon Age team appreciation cake)

(Hang & Sandi are getting married!)

(Todd & Robin's Party)

(Dragon Age team appreciation cake)

Veil Painting Cake
(Tyler's Birthday)

(Parents' Birthday)

(Hays' Baby Shower)


  1. Nice cakes! came across your pics on CC.

  2. Hey Chris, you rock! Especially love the snowman house of horrors

  3. Hey Chris, great cakes!
    I especially love the one with melted snowmen!
    I might try to make one like that for this Christmas :D
    Thanks for the inspiration and tips :)

  4. Awesome cakes! Love the LBP and Critter Crunch ones. We posted a link to this on our Facebook page. Will keep checking back. If you create more Video Game themed ones, would love to share with our community.

  5. WONDERFUL cakes, Chris! I have enjoyed browsing your site!! Great job! And thanks for sharing at the cake club meeting. Loved your tutorials!!

  6. chris ,really wonder i am crazy about your cakes


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