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Monday, June 14, 2010

Whipped Ganache: Attempted

Whipped Ganache: Attempted
Happy Birthday, Lonnie!
(+5 skill points => 340/400)

Happy Birthday to my co-worker and cake-buddy Lonnie.  He asked me the other day if I've found us a good chocolate icing yet.  I told him I think it'll be whipped ganache.  Well, that didn't quite work out like I expected.  Instead I used my runny mess as a crumb coat and then made chocolate IMBC with it.  After one slice of cake, I felt like I ate a whole chocolate bar.

  • 8" round Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix
  • base coat in milk chocolate whipped ganache
  • filled with Oreo mousse
  • iced with chocolate IMBC
  • shell and rosette borders with tip #22
I got a 24 oz bag of Nestle Milk Chocolate morsels and melted it with 10 oz of heavy whipping cream.

It took a lot of stirring and re-heating in the microwave to get everything melted.  I let it rest on the counter overnight before trying to whip it.

Cakecentral.com members told me to use the whisk attachment so it could incorporate air into the ganache.

Um.  I don't think it worked.  I might have used too much cream?  Maybe I should have used semi-sweet chocolate instead?  It was way too runny to ice a cake with it.  Bah!

Defeated, I quickly whipped up a batch of IMBC and added some ganache to it for some chocolate icing instead.  Then I had the idea to use the left over runny stuff as a crumb coat to give the cake another chocolate boost.  I still have yet to really take the time to smooth out the sides of a non-crusting iced cake.  It's hard!

I've been wanting to branch out on some piping skills.  I used IMBC with a thicker tube to make the message first, then I used tip #2 with ganache to pipe on top.  It looked kinda neat and different.

Shells and rosettes.  I need to learn some different borders!!!

  • runny ganache
  • still trying to smooth and IMBC cake
  • was too chocolatey with the ganache + cake + filling + icing ... made my stomach ache a little!  I hope no one else's did!
  • was nice to try different message piping
  • ganache makes a good crumb coat


  1. Chocolate chips have emulsifiers and things in them to keep them smooth. If you are going to melt chocolate, use baking chocolate or bars made for cooking with, not chips. Or, just go with straight cocoa - no cocoa butter or weird additives to worry about.

    Beautiful blog!

  2. love your cake! very nice and neat!

    nice blog too!

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