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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Margarita Cupcakes

Margarita Cupcakes!

Happy Birthday to Jon and Robin!  Last Wednesday my co-worker Jon said it was his 30th birthday.  Whoa!  The big 3-0!  I'll hit that later this year.  I knew he liked margaritas and I've been really wanting to try this recipe out.  We were also going to a party on Saturday to celebrate my brother-in-law's girlfriend's birthday at a pool party.  Since she's currently pregnant, I wanted to give her a safe margarita that she could really enjoy.  I made these on Wednesday night and gave one to Jon on Thursday.  The rest were frozen until Friday so they could stay fresh until the party.

  • white cake mix exchanging 2/3 cups water with margarita mix
  • lemon IMBC (but colored green)
  • colored sugar rims
  • trimmed straw accents

I searched online for a margarita cupcake recipe, and most of them were just white box cake mix with margarita mix instead of water.  That quantity sounded a little gross to me, so I only replaced half the water.  It had a nice subtle flavor.

I'm not a big of a fan of white cake.  I like my yolks.  Could be that I'm used to denser cake?  When my mother-in-law ate one, she thought it was angel food cake.  

We've had this canister of colored sugar for a while.  It's the kind that you use on the rim of your cocktail glasses.  It was perfect for these cuppies.

I flavored the IMBC with LorAnn's Princess Cake & Cookie emulsion.  That gave it a subtle lemony flavor.  I added some lemon juice and margarita mix to give it more of a boost.  A few drops of green food coloring brought it home.

Here's a finished one.  I think this is using a 2A tip.  I don't have much experience with icing cuppies with anything but a 1M swirl.  I learned that I had to make the base pass first, otherwise the cuppie would be too top heavy for me to rim it with sugar.  My first cupcake was dropped completely into the sugar.

The pink on green was pretty.  Helped detract from the ugly mound that my piping ended up as.

I trimmed some bendy straws from both ends and stuck them in to the cake.  It does confuse people though.  But no, just for decoration ... no hidden pocket of booze in there.


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