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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wilton Silver Cake Platters

Wilton Silver Cake Platters

I just saw these at Michaels and bought the only round ones they had in stock.  These are the 12" scalloped, grease-proof "platters" intended for 10" cakes.  This 8-pack was $8.95, but I used my 50% coupon.  Has anyone used these before?

They look to be made of some sort of composite cardboard.  Like what puzzles are made of.

Unfortunately they are flimsier than I thought.  It didn't take much to bend it.  I'll have to put a foamcore board underneath if I wanted to use it for anything.

The look pretty enough though.  It will be a time saver not having to decorate a board with contact paper + wrapping paper + some other food-safe barrier to go in between.

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