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Pom Poms

Pom Poms

Sophie Bifield released her tutorial for "pom poms" on her FaceBook page and also in Cake Central Magazine.  If you haven't seen her work before, you NEED to check it out!  Her fabric-inspired cakes are gorgeous!  The following is mostly using her techniques.

1.  Create a ½ sphere out of edible material (e.g. wad of fondant, rice cereal treat) as a base; set aside.  Make sure it is the same color as your ruffles in case it shows through.  In this tutorial, I have made one with rice cereal treats covered with green fondant.  If you are doing a large pom pom, rice cereal treats are much lighter than a lump of fondant.

2.  Roll out a thin sheet of fondant/gumpaste.

3.  Cut out your favorite shape (e.g. circle, scalloped, etc.) and lay it on a foam pad.

4.  Using your favorite tool (e.g. ball tool, stick tool, end of a paintbrush, thick skewer, etc.), curl the edges of your shape to create ruffles.

5.  Fold your shape in half, then gather it together, making sure all the edges are even.

6.  At about ½ inch from the edges, trim off the excess fondant.

7.  Brush a good edible glue (e.g. Tylose glue) on the ½ sphere where you will attach the ruffle (start at the bottom).

8.  Gently press the ruffle against the ½ sphere to adhere.

9.  Fluff any mashed ruffles with a soft paintbrush.

10.  Repeat steps 3 - 9 until entire ½ sphere is covered.

11.  Set aside to dry.

12.  Adhere to cake.  If placing on side of cake, stick a toothpick into your ½ sphere and cake to help anchor it.  Use some good glue.  You may also need some extra ruffles to pad around it if the surface is not flat (e.g. the side of a round cake).

Ab Fab!

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