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Billows Tutorial

I've been told that the fondant billow technique was invented by Kerry Vincent, but was made popular by Susan Trianos (you can purchase her DVD of her technique).  In my research, I've found another popular tutorial by Mandie E. here: http://thejoyofcake.shutterfly.com  The following is mostly using Mandie's technique.  This was easy once you get the hang of it, and it is very impressive once complete!

1.  Roll out a thin sheet of your fondant (or gumpaste).

2.  Cut out squares of your desired size.  Here I have 2"x2" squares.

3.  Gather one edge.  Make sure the ends of the gathered side are pointing in the same direction.

4.  Pinch to seal.  


5.  Repeat with opposite edge.

6.  Fluff and shape billow.  The non-gathered edges should make an even oval shape

7.  Set billow (puffy-side up) on a flat surface to dry.  The non-gathered edges should be perpendicular to the surface.  If desired, trim gathered edges.

8.  Make several billows (I made 6 at a time).  By the time you make a few, the first billow will be stiff enough for you to work with without it drooping.  But don't let them sit out too long!  They need to be flexible when you adhere them to the cake. 

9.  Adhere billow on side of cake using your favorite edible glue (e.g. piping gel, tylose glue, etc.).  Fill in the entire bottom row first.  Subsequent rows should be offset (horizontally) by ½ a billow, creating a weave effect.

10.  Adhere something pretty to hide the billows’ gathered edges (e.g. fondant button, molded brooch, etc.)


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  1. I love this!!! And, I can't believe I haven't seen it before (after millions of hours on Pinterest and a thousand cake blogs/FB pages)! Thank you so much for sharing.


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