"Hey, I can do that!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Congratulations, Jeanette!

Congratulations, Jeanette!

One of my coworkers got married this weekend and my studio asked me to make a cake for her team to celebrate with.  Last Saturday my mother-in-law gave me some leftover wedding books and I found a design that I wanted to try out.

  • 8" round extended vanilla cake mix
  • iced with Italian Meringue buttercream
  • filled with whipped cheesecake flavored JELL-O pudding
  • covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant
Real Simple Weddings, page 111 (didn't see a caker listed to credit)

    Sure, I could do that.  It's just circles, right?

    I regretted not making fresh fondant for this cake.  What I had was about a month old and it was no longer very stretchy.  This was the longest fondant job I've ever done!  After I while I started pulling the fondant down so it could stretch over the sides faster.  It turned out ok at least.

    The cake was about 4" high so I cut some light blue fondant with my 1 7/8" circle cutter.  I think I need a better circle cutter set.  Mine don't give a very clean edge.  They're fine for cookies or biscuits, but will not suffice if I need to bring my A game.

    I had a difficult time keeping the circles at the same height since I didn't put in any guide marks.  Plus some of the circles stretched when coming out of the cutter.

    I brushed the back of the circles with water.  At first I started gluing them with piping gel, but they stuck too well and didn't give me any leeway to shift the circle into a better position.  Water let me slide them around a bit into place.  I used my wide pastry brush to support and press the circles on to the cake, reducing any chance for finger tip indentions.

    To make the inset sections, I placed 4 circles together in a square formation, then used the same circle cutter right down the middle.  Again I used water and my pastry brush to place them on the blue circles.

    Blue royal icing was piped for the "Congrats" and for the little dots on the white sections.  Not too shabby, huh?  Unfortunately not as good as the magazine, but I was pretty pleased with another "Hey, I can do that!" experience.


    1. Stupendo, un lavoro di gran classe!, Complimenti!
      Ciao a presto

    2. I just found your blog! I really luv this cake and the way u did it! I think its much prettier than the pic on the mag. THX for sharing your creativity> Blessings.


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