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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Capital Confectioners' Day of Sharing 2011

July 10th, 2011
Round Rock, TX

(in photo: Roxanne Moore, Janet Rosebeary, Ashlee Trotter, Kimberly Chapman, and Ruth Rickey)

The Capital Confectioners have been very busy bees lately!  Last Sunday was our annual "Day of Sharing", featuring demonstrations of some spectacular cake artists.  I don't know what other club's DOS's are like, but if it's anything like ours, you won't want to miss it!

Guest Demonstrators:
The Capital Confectioners dedicated this year's Day of Sharing to Kelley Masters.  If you're a Texan baker, then you know her name.  Heck, even if you're not, you might still know her.  She's the owner of CakeBoss, a successful inventory software application for bakers.  For the past several years she's been spearheading the movement to legalize selling cakes from home under a cottage food law in Texas.   Thanks to her, Texan home bakers will be able to sell their products from their kitchens starting in September.  For more information, please visit her website: http://www.texascottagefoodlaw.com/

The Capital Confectioners, with the help of donations from the caking community, gave her a custom made pendant with the Texas Cottage Food Law movement logo and many of us present signed a big thank you card to her.  During the breaks, she fielded Q&A for the new law.  She was genuinely surprised at our dedication to her and gave us a heartfelt thank you.  We replied with a long standing ovation!

The Day of Sharing had an awesome line up of raffle items and goodies and great vendors, not to mention a killer dessert bar!

:( this Agbay slipped right through my fingers ...

The main dessert attraction was this huge cake made by club members Chris Cantrell and Kimberly Chapman.  Those leaves are made out of gelatin!!!

We had a full day of demonstrations by some wonderful and talented people.  First up was Ashlee Trotter from Ruth's Sweete Justice Bakery.  She showed some adorable jungle animal cupcake toppers.

Next was Kimberly Chapman with some really eye-opening gummy techniques.  I swear when everyone got  home I bet they went straight into their pantries for some Jello boxes ...

After lunch we saw Janet Rosebeary and her daughter demonstrate how to make fondant toppers that looked like paper dolls.

Ruth Rickey demonstrated how to use gumpaste with a silicone mold for baby heads.  Then she showed their versatility by plopping them on safari themed baby costumed bodies!

Last but not least was Roxanne Moore and her sexy stiletto shoes.  THESE ARE MADE OF SUGAR, PEOPLE!  I KID YOU NOT, I WANTED TO WALK OUT WEARING THESE.

I'm here to kick ass and make cake ... and I'm all out of cake.

At the end of the show we surprised Kyla Myers, the club president, with the "Heart of the Club" annual award.  We love Kyla and all she does for the club, as well as the caking community and industry.  Hip hip hooray!

I was exhausted but very pleased with how the event went.  If you were there, I was the poor A/V girl running around to stop the speakers from blaring, crawling around to tape wires down, and craning her neck up for hours as I manned the camera!

(photo courtesy of Cakes by Esther)

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