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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday: Completed

Happy Birthday!
Cake for my in-laws
+5 skill points -> 165/400

This was a quick cake since it was so last-minute.  No photos of creation process, again, because it had to be done before guests arrived.

  • 8" round
  • yellow cake box mix (Duncan Hines)
  • vanilla IMBC icing
  • IMBC bead borders, dots, and script
This cake was made without any hitches.  It baked up nicely and I didn't have much trouble icing it.  The decorating isn't fancy, but we had a great time serving it.  

My practice cake was a useful introduction to IMBC.  I ventured to make a full batch for this cake so I could have plenty to work with.  IMBC tastes more ... mature?  It's definitely not your run-of-the-mill birthday cake icing (that would be "American buttercream").  I used the recipe from a previous post and it turned out fantastic.  It didn't even really destabilize that badly during the whipping.  It was creamy and smooth; I added vanilla flavoring (my fav).  No trouble crumb or final coating it.  A cup of frosting was mixed with Americolor's "Electric Blue" ... the color was underwhelming.  I thought it was going to be bright neon ... but it just looked like light blue.  Oh well, so their birthday cake isn't going to melt any faces ... we'll deal.

I've never piped a bead border outside of my Wilton class.  It didn't go as well as imagined.  IMBC pipes a little different than American buttercream because it's so light.  I had to really stick the tip down for the bead to take hold before applying a lot of pressure, otherwise it just piped out a snake.  Making the dots on the side of the cake were much easier.  They were placed randomly, but it probably would have looked better if they were uniform.  Again, we'll deal.

Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

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