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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Cuppies: Completed

Happy Thanksgiving!
(+5 skill points -> 200/400)

These are the first cuppies (a.k.a. cupcakes) I've made since I started my cake decorating hobby!  Pretty cute, I think.

  • standard size cupcakes
  • Wilton white cupcake cups
  • Betty Crocker's Butter Pecan box cake mix
  • white chocolate IMBC
  • swirl with 1M tip
  • topped with candy and cinnamon
  • boxed in Wilton's "Cupcake Heaven Cupcake Box"
I made these at my parents' house, so I wasn't very prepared for taking photos of the process.  I only got the end results recorded :(

My family was celebrating Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  I wanted to make some yummy treats for the people celebrating with us and also for some of my girl friends that I would see afterward.  I brought my muffin pans, white chocolate, plastic piping bags, and 1M decorating tip from home.  This was the first time for me to make cupcakes since I caught the cake decorating bug.  The Wilton page taught me how to do the cupcake swirl here.  There were also some good youtube videos that demonstrated this.

Ok, that Butter Pecan box cake mix is good.  It made the whole house smell fantastic.  It tasted excellent as well.  I made some more white chocolate IMBC to pair with it.  My only regret is not purchasing a bismark tip.  I didn't the ratio of cake to icing when taking a bite.  If the cuppy was injected with IMBC ... oh man, look out ... they would never make it to the dinner table.

I was able to make a nice, even 24 cuppies.  They baked up well and consistent.  The only problem was that I could only fit enough IMBC into my piping bag to pipe 1M swirls on 8 cupcakes at a time.  I had to fill up the bag 3 times.  But they do look perty, don't they?

From home I also brought a bag of Brach's Autumn Mix (basically candy corn and little pumpkins) to use as toppers.  My mom showed me the loads of un-used Halloween candy she had, so I busted out some peanut M&Ms.  Some got showered in a little cinnamon.

8 were boxed up in 2 groups of 4 inside Wilton cupcake boxes so they wouldn't get eaten.  Those went to my girl friends' families on Friday when we met up with them for dinner.  It wasn't until I got home that I saw that I didn't use the cupcake holder insert for the boxes ... oh well ... they fit fine and didn't really slide around in the box anyway.

  • didn't have big enough piping bag
  • didn't use cupcake box properly
  • earned 1M swirl badge
  • successful 1st cuppies!
To my disappointment, not all the cupcakes were eaten at Thanksgiving dinner.  There are still 5 sitting on my parents' kitchen counter that I know they won't eat.  I should've taken them home!

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