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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wilton Butter Cake: Review

Earlier this week I made a butter cake from Wilton's recipe site:


I wanted to test drive this recipe to see if this is what I wanted my tiered or sculpted cakes to be made from. 
This cake has a firm, moist texture that makes it perfect for tiered designs. We've added almond flavor to give it a richer taste everyone will love.
Everyone except me.  I don't like almond flavoring (e.g. amaretto).  This cake was very similar to the pound cake I made from Paula Deen's recipe (see review post), except ... um ... not as good?  My husband said it was too sweet and neither of us liked the almond flavoring.  It didn't have the nice crust like the pound cake.  But it wasn't mushy after chewing it like the pound cake.  The texture was ok.  It might have been a tad on the dry side.  This cake was sufficiently dense for tier cakes, but I didn't prefer the taste.

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