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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Engagement Cake: Design

I've started work on the cake I'll be decorating for my class this Saturday.  The cake will be a present to my coworker and his fiancee.  It will match their lovely wedding invitations ... hopefully ... that's the plan ...

  • 8" square cake
  • buttery chocolate box cake mix
  • chocolate buttercream as foundation
  • coffee Italian Meringue Buttercream as filling
  • covered in brown marshmallow fondant
  • ivory square piece of fondant on top, painted to resemble their wedding invitation
  • ivory roses with brown leaves adoring 2 corners
  • shell borders
  • cornelli lace on sides
  • The 8" square pan I have is only 2" deep.  I'm not sure if the cake batter will be enough or too much.
  • My husband remains skeptical that painting on to the fondant will look ok.  I hope to pull it off.
  • I'm not sure if the shell borders will be pretty enough.  I do think they'll match nicely with the swirls of the invitation design.
  • I made a half-batch of ivory fondant last night.  I hope that's enough for the roses and the square piece on top.  I'll bring store-bought fondant just in case.  I can make some practice roses with that.

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