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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wilton Color Mist Food Color Spray: Review

Last night I used the Wilton Color Mist Food Color Spray (black) on a fondant covered cake.  My fondant was tinted dark brown (was using up some old stuff from a previous project).  I have to say I was pretty disappointed.  I thought the spray would be a good alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on airbrush equipment.  What I got was weak color and a lot of fumes.  I had put my cake inside a cardboard box lined with a white trashbag.  The trashbag got very little coloring on it, the heaviest parts were light gray at best.  After using almost the entire can, the cake just looked to be a darker brown (similar to dark chocolate).  I really thought I would use this like spray paint, but instead I got about 10% of what I expected.



I would like to try this stuff again, but with new set expectations.  I can't use this stuff for full opaque coloring, but I would very much like to try it for highlighting and adding depth to other colors.

I did a search to see what the interwebz said about this stuff:

Edible Food Coloring NEW & IMPROVED!  in a Aerosol can. Shake can, hold at a 45 degree angle, spray 6-8" away from item. One can covers more than a dozen 8" cakes plus dozens of cookies, sugar and fabric. This is a wide spray; if a thin line is required use stencils.
More than a dozen 8" cakes, hmm?  Perhaps I'm not spraying close enough.  I was about 8" away.  I found a few reviews by an obvious plant, Freak369, who suggests spraying it on cardboard and different distances for the desired color control.

One can will cover approx. (6) 8" round cakes, (4) 9" X 13" cakes or (4) dozen cupcakes

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