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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wilton Course 3, Class 1

Yesterday was my first class for Wilton Course 3. We went over several piping techniques:

bead border, cornelli lace, sotas

brush embroidery

drop string

ruffled border

There's no picture of the ruffled garland ... because what I did looked awful. Apparently I've been doing my shells incorrectly. I was bringing the tip up and down, making a lump. I really just needed to build up and then release.

I enjoyed the drop string technique. It was difficult but doable. I screwed up the order of the overlapping drop strings!

In order to do the cornelli lace on a cake, you really need a tilting turn table. That will go on my wish list for future endeavors.

Next class is what I'm really looking forward to. We have to bring in an iced cake to cover with fondant. Luckily my instructor is allowing us to bring in homemade fondant. I heard horror stories of other instructors chewing people out for not buying the Wilton brand stuff. She suggested we make the cake for a special occasion because they'll turn out very nice. I'm so glad she's allowing us to make whatever cake we want. On the internet I saw most cakes for Course 3 were the bow tie cakes, so I was afraid we'd all have to make something like that. They're pretty, but also pretty boring in my opinion. I've decided to make Hang and Sandi's engagement cake designed after their invitations (see finished post)

This week will be spent preparing for next class. I need to bring:
  • 12 fondant rose buds (colored however I want)
  • tinted fondant to cover the cake
  • tinted fondant to make the rest of the roses
  • tinted fondant for the rose leaves
  • iced cake of our choosing

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