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Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, to Me!

Happy Birthday!
(+5 skill points => 375/400)   

Is it funny that what I want to do on my birthday is make myself a cake?  I'm happy that I got some time to practice my hobby and try new things.  Maybe hubby will clean up my mess ...

  • 8" round doctored vanilla cake mix
  • iced and filled with American buttercream with Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder
  • vertical piped buttercream using Wilton tip #7
  • modeling chocolate topper with kitty cat patchwork cutter design
I bought a can of Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder to work with.  I just used the recipe on the back of the can.  It's been a good while since I've worked with crusting buttercream.  Gotta say I don't miss this gritty powdered sugar.

Hubby and I bought a new food processor!  Now I can make cake crumbs with ease :)  This makes me super excited about my upcoming cake ball class.

Dam using cake spackle.

Leveled using a serrated knife ... um ... I need to get an Agbay.  Can't you see it's slanted???

 Still too lazy and untalented to get smooth icing.

 I've been wanting to try this design that I saw on a wedding cake on cakecentral.com:


Grab some aspirin and get comfy.  This takes a while.  I scored some guidelines along the cake with my spatula.  I started piping vertical lines using Wilton tip #7.  Then I realized I could just make really long zig-zags instead of stopping after every line.  I still stopped every 3-4 lines to give my wrist a break.

 I should have timed myself.

Ick, the buttercream had all these holes.  Too much air incorporated!

Finally!  An excuse to use my cute cutters that I bought in February.

Oh ... turns out you don't cut with these ... you impress the design.

Like this.

I had rolled out some modeling chocolate on my silicon baking mat.  I love how I don't need to prep the mat; nothing sticks to this sucker.  After imprinting the design, it was popped into the freezer for ~1 minute.  On to a cutting board and curvy-cut with a paring knife.

Final cake.

Not as pretty as that wedding cake, but was great to try.

Happy birthday, to me!


  1. Happy Birthday to you!
    It is not weird that you want to bake your cake (at least to me its not). I also want to bake my own cake. Its my birthday after all, so I get to decide where the cake comes from ;)
    Recently, I have also got this great idea to make vertical lines around the cake. Definitely it a loooong process. a comfortable chair is a necessity, as after a short while I decided that its better to sit down than stand for another 1/2 hour..anyway...
    Its a very nice cake and these cat cutters are also adorable :D

  2. Just stumbled on your site from cakecentral.

    I love how you show all the steps for everything you are doing to your cakes :)

  3. Your cake looks delicious....chocolate my favourite


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