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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Serving Charts, what a PITA!

Serving Charts being a PITA?
Here's the New Cake Calculator!

So rarely do my career and my hobbies cross paths!  Yesterday I was home sick and got an itch to program, especially when I saw multiple forum posts on cakecentral.com about serving size questions.

So!  My original cake calculator is still available.  You can determine your total servings based on the Wilton charts:

BUT if you want to calculator your total servings strictly by volume, my new calculator is here:

This is only good for round, square, and a few sheet shaped cakes.  I'm too lazy to go figuring out the volume of heart or petal shaped pans!  This also assumes that the height of each cake will be the height of your serving slices (e.g. you're not cutting the cake horizontally).

Where does this leave us?  Well, there seem to be 3 schools of determining servings:
Why are there 3 and why are each confusing???  

The Wilton charts were designed to help customers with their baking products.  They are confusing because you have to choose from 4 different charts:
The 2" deep charts are for 2 layer cakes and the 3" deep charts only specify servings for 1 layer cakes.  Party cake slices are considered 1.5" wide and 2" long.  Wedding cake slices are 1" wide and 2" long.  Choose wisely!

Lots of decorators go by Earlene's chart.  She explains that the Wilton charts were just plain unrealistic.  I've avoided making any online calculator using her charts because I don't want to mess with her intellectual property.  I apparently don't mind doing that to a big-wig company like Wilton ;b

What about by volume?  Well, that's in-theory good, but not really practical for the customer.  You gotta be a pretty good cake cutter to get consistent 1"x2"x4" slices for the entire wedding cake ... especially if that cake is round!  BUT it's very practical for the baker because it's precisely the amount of cake being purchased.  If you measure the cake and do the math, there's little room for error (unless you stink at math ... then hey, use my calculator).

Each method, I believe, is completely fine.  The person expecting the cake just has to be aware of the situation and order appropriately.

Bah, now I'm hungry for cake...

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