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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Wedding

 St. Patrick's Day Wedding
Wedding Tiered

Event: "That Takes The Cake" 2011
7th Annual Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition (Austin, TX)
Division: Adult Intermediate
Style: Wedding Tiered
Media: styrofoam dummies, modeling chocolate, fondant, piping gel

Wow, I actually finished a cake early!  I was quite proud of this one until I sat it down next to all my competitors' cakes in awe.  It was a total shock that this won 3rd place.  The judges said it was very clean.  This also go the attention of the representatives from CakeCentral.com.  I got the first ever Cake Central Choice Award!  Today I had a short phone interview with them.  Hopefully you'll be able to see my ramblings in Volume 2, Issue 2!

If you're interested in the work that went in to this (around 20 hours), here is my work log for this cake.  When I was working on it, I kept having to justify sacrificing time for re-doing several parts because they weren't perfect.  Now I understand that doing so makes all the difference in competition.


  1. My very first thought was that it was "SO CLEAN." It looks great. I love the contrast on the colors! Congratulations!

  2. This is absolutely fabulous! Your work turned out amazing!

  3. Hey -- did you see that Cakewrecks featured this cake on their Sunday Sweets? So beautiful! I'm glad they did!

  4. I saw! Too cool, I'm so glad it wasn't because it's a wreck!


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