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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Worst Cake Ever.

Worst Cake Ever.
"Comic Book Guy" from the Simpsons

Event: "That Takes The Cake" 2011
7th Annual Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition (Austin, TX)
Division: Adult Intermediate
Style: Sculpted
Media: cake, modeling chocolate, rice cereal treats, gumpaste, food coloring, candy coating, PVC piping, metal flanges, wood boards

Since I knew the show theme was "Comic Books", I've been wanting to make this guy for a long time.  This is my first cake using PVC for internal structure.  He didn't really turn out how I wanted due to time constraints, but he still took home 3rd place.

I finished him at 3:30 in the morning on the day of the show.  He was heavy, but he was as sturdy as a rock.  He has 1/2" pipe in each leg, secured to the wooden base by adapters and metal flanges.  I smooshed rice cereal treats and formed legs, feet, and his butt.  I then covered that with gumpaste.  After drying over night, his bottom half not going to budge for nobody!

I had plenty of cake to play with.  Carving went well and I used cake spackle to build up any other areas.  He's got some pink icing inside because I had a lot of pink left over from a failed buttercream-only cake.  His head is rice cereal treats over the end of his spinal pipe.  Modeling chocolate provided the rest of his flesh, hair, and clothing.  It was so late in the night, I was completely out of time and couldn't do any of the finishing touches that I would have liked.  The judges specifically called them out too: shoelaces, belly button, etc.  Oh well, maybe next year.

He was still very nice to slice into ... had my stop myself from chowing down.  No one should eat competition cake that's been sitting in a convention center for 3 days in front of hundreds of people!


  1. Finally catching up with your blog (and I'm going to add it to my new blog's blogroll in a second so I remember to check back in more often), and I know I've already told you this but this was my favourite cake at the show and I didn't know you made it until later. I only took pics of my cake, Peo's cake, and this, with the sheet, because that is THE BEST TITLE EVER.

    You rock. I'd have picked this for first in that category hands down. The stork one was good too and it had good feathers, but in terms of a sculpted cake and utilizing that as the primary technique, I'd have put this one as first. Not saying that because I know you, either...I told Corran on Saturday night that this should win a pile of prizes.

    Kind of not looking forward to competing against you in Advanced next year! *gulp* ;D

  2. Thanks so much! I'm ridiculously excited about next year and the Renaissance theme. You and I, we're dressin' up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I got married in Ren garb and have been looking for an excuse to wear it again, muahahahahaha...

  4. What type of board did you use as the support for the actual cake (belly part)? Were you able to carve the circle yourself?

  5. I honestly couldn't tell you what kind of board it was. It was some scrap material that I found in the garage, about 1/4" thick...some sort of particle board. I cut it with my Dremel. Since it was for competition and not for consuming, I wasn't too concerned about making it 100% food safe.


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