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Monday, December 21, 2009

Texas Snowmen Cookies: Completed

Texas Snowmen Sugar Cookies

It's my first year addicted to cakecentral.com ... and I've learned at Christmas time, everyone makes "melted snowmen" sugar cookies.  They're all over the galleries ... grinning despite the horror of their predicament.  I've decided to make my own version ... and they have to be called Texas Snowmen!  Hahaha ... just kidding ... we don't get enough snow to make snowmen ...

  • No Fail Sugar Cookies (NFSC)
  • half-sphere of marshmallow fondant (MMF) for the partially melted head
  • MMF carrots
  • everything else is royal icing
 After rolling out the sugar cookie dough, I used my large biscuit cutter to make circles.  These cookies baked easily, and afterward I put them in the freezer until I was ready to decorate them (a few days later).  I had also made half-spheres of MMF days in advance.  The cookies thawed for an hour before this party got started.

My royal icing was made with All Whites pasteurized egg whites, some vanilla, and enough powdered sugar until it was the consistency I wanted.  On the top of each cookie, I piped an outline of the puddle with some medium consistency icing (tip #2).  A half-sphere of MMF was placed inside the puddle to represent the partially melted head (glued one with a wad of royal icing).  Then the interior and all over the head was flooded with thin consistency icing (tip #4).  The carrot was orange MMF with little score marks by my xacto blade.  I piped on black coals and brown branches out of more royal icing.

These were super fun to make.  They've been a hit on cakecentral.com and my facebook post.  I'll be making more of these over the Christmas break!





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