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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to Carve and Ganache a 3D Cake

I found a great video on how to carve and cover a 3D cake with ganache from www.how2cakes.com:


I've never used ganache before, but I thought it was supposed to be pourable.  In the video the consistency looked more like buttercream.  I submitted an inquiry to their site about their chocolate to cream ratio.  Meanwhile I'll comb the internet for a better answer.

www.baking911.com explains a lot:


Here's an easy ganache recipe from www.baking911.com ... I'm going to give this one a try:


This site explains the chocolate to cream ratios well:


UPDATE (12/03/09):  Hurray!  I got a response back from how2cake:
For dark chocolate you use one part cream to two parts chocolate, if you use a really good quality chocolate like Callebaut, you'll need one part cream to 1.5 parts chocolate.
You need to let it cool so it becomes spreadable.

Have fun

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