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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crash Course 1

So I got my decorating tips, my student kit, and also the patterns for Course 1, 2, and 3 with a practice board. Yesterday I tried to make buttercream roses ... that did not turn out so well. I was using 2-week old leftover icing that was too thin. My roses were pretty sad because of the icing consistency and also maybe because I didn't know wth I was doing. I was trying to follow instructions I got from the internet but I wasn't familiar with the hand positions that coorrespond to time. It wasn't until after I gave up that I found a very informative instruction sheet with my patterns.

Today was reserved for practicing all of the patterns that were labeled Course 1. That went a little better that my sad roses.

I was sure how to do the large circles, so I winged it this way:
  • tip at 90 degrees
  • make a few tight circular passes with medium pressure
  • stop in the center and do heavy pressure until circle is of desired size
  • release the pressure and lift straight up

What the heck? How come my leaves don't end in pretty, pointed tips? They just end abruptly like someone trimmed it with a hedger.

There's something wrong with my sweet peas. It looked pretty darn easy on an online video I watched. I wasn't sure if I needed to move the tip while applying pressure. Oh and bows are outdated and overrated anyway ...

Writing was fun, at least. At least I could do that.

Not bad for first day. I'll practice more this week. Maybe with royal icing ... my buttercream seemed to separate too easily. Could be because it's freaking hot in Texas.

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