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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cake Decorating TV Shows

My sister-in-law Ashley told me about a show on TLC called "Cake Boss". I watched the episodes they had on TLC's website today and was amazed! They do beautiful work. These last couple weeks I've been watching several episodes of "Ace of Cakes" from Food Network. It's wonderful to see how these people run their businesses and be challenged by their customers' requests. What's even better is when I pick up on something they do that helps me decorate my own cakes. On Ace of Cakes I saw how Ben trimmed the side of a cake by laying a ruler on top and cutting along the edge. On Cake Boss I saw Buddy ice a cake with a scraper and made a super smooth edge. I'm going to keep an eye on these two shows and soak up anything I can learn.

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