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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aluminum Dredge

I'd like to express my appreciation for this simple tool. I purchased a 10 oz. aluminum dredge from Ace Mart at $1.75. Now I know there's no excuse to not have one of these. I filled mine up with cornstarch (kids, be sure to label it before your husband thinks it's powdered sugar and sprinkles it over pancakes or something like that). Whenever I'm working with fondant, I shake this little can over my workspace and poof! Evenly dispersed powdery shield that prevents stickage. No more pinching from the bag and trying to sprinkle it myself and making more of a mess than I need.

Plus I can fill it with powdered sugar and sprinkle it over previously mentioned pancakes.

Makes me feel like a pro.

Get one.

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