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Monday, January 3, 2011

Engagement Cookies

Engagement Cookies

Many happy couples get engaged during the holidays!  There are some very special people in my life who have decided to tie the knot.  In preparation for these celebrations, I bought these adorable cookie cutter + impression mat sets at my local cake supply store.


My local cake club had one of its members demo covering sugar cookies with modeling chocolate using a similar set.  I had been dying to get these and try it out!  I also purchased a baby themed one for an upcoming baby shower.

So as to not offend the bride-to-be, I finally tried my white icing color.  To the right was the original modeling chocolate (a very creamy/ivory color) and the left is the white-colored chunk.  It came out well and I was pleased with the results.  The chocolate did not lose any texture or workability in the coloring process.

"Perfection Strips" by CK Products
(2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm)

Since I may be doing a bunch of these type of cookies for various showers, I also purchased some wood strips that help me maintain consistent dough thickness when rolling it out.

The red and white were great for my gingerbread cookies (I think I prefer the white's thickness).  The black strips were actually too thick when it came to rolling the modeling chocolate, so I just eye-balled it as thin as I could.  The modeling chocolate was adhered by painting the cookie with corn syrup + water and lightly pressing the cut chocolate to the surface.

The cookie kits come with a few sheets of textured plastic that you can press on to your preferred icing.  During the demo, she said to cut and adhere the chocolate to the cookie first, THEN impress the design.  If you do it the other way around, you run the risk of stretching out the impression when removing it from your mat and placing it on to the cookie.  Makes sense to me!

I've found that painting with luster and pearl dust is quite calming.  It sparkles and makes me smile :)  I mixed a little Everclear with the dust and used a fine brush to outline the impressions.

Lots of work, but so pretty!  I love weddings!


  1. Very cool technique...I love modelling chocolate!

  2. I love your cookies and am using a similar technique to make bride and groom heart cookies. I have a few questions. How far in advance of the event can you make these cookies? How do you store them once they are made?

  3. Cookies usually freeze well and could be kept in the freezer for a couple months undecorated. I freeze mine in freezer ziplock bags. These particular sugar cookies are pretty stable on the counter too. I'd say they could be made/decorated 1-2 weeks before needed. Let them dry completely and store in air-tight containers. Again, I usually use freezer ziplock bags.


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