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Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Cakes by Brian Stevens

by Brian Stevens

Maybe you've seen Brian on TV already.

I had the pleasure of visiting his booth at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza show that my mother-in-law, future sister-in-law, and I attended last weekend.  We've chatted a couple times previously because we're both in the Austin area cake club and we both work in the video game industry.  I congratulated him on his work in Sony's DC Universe Online that just launched and, of course, on his work on TLC.  So far in the series he's still in the competition and we're all rooting for him.  Here are the display cakes that he had at the bridal show.

Gollum won 2nd place in Show Cakes in the Austin cake show last year.

I recall Brian posted a thread on CakeCentral.com a long while back.  He was trying to break into the wedding cake industry and asked about effective advertising.  He likes to do special effects with cakes and his art background really helps him push the envelope for sculpting and design.  When everyone looked at his site, their basic reaction was, "Uh ... you don't have any wedding cake pictures!"  Now, this is Austin and we do pride ourselves on being weird, but it's true ... he did need to showcase some specifically wedding oriented designs that would attract brides.  Here they are!

We even got to sample their stuff!

It was a long bridal show and Brian's booth was literally the last one we visited (it happened to be in the corner in the end opposite of where we started).  We saw a lot of cake vendors and I'm happy to say his booth was definitely the most unique and I'm sure really stood out from the others.

Brian, I hope you got a lot of orders!  Congratulations!

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