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Friday, December 17, 2010

Amazing Wedding Cakes

Amazing Wedding Cakes

It makes me sad that I can't make a cake every day!  I've been forced to find other ways to satisfy my caking itch.  One of the best outlets is watching Amazing Wedding Cakes from WeTV.  Since I don't actually have cable television, I bought season 1 and 2 from iTunes.  It's a real treat to relax at home and watch other people work!  What's great is that this show follows several cakeries in each episode.  Every time I watch I get exposed to different styles and talent.

Season 1:
Season 2:
I've watched Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and some of the Food Network cake challenges.  This show, however, teaches me so much more than those ever could.  I get to watch professionals in their own environment without horrific time constraints.  They all do such awesome work; it's really inspiring to me.

My favorite is Cakegirls.  Their style and artistic vision are really aligned with what I'm personally shooting for.  A few more years of experience and it feels like I'd fit right in there.  Unfortunately their business suffered from a fire earlier this year.  Their website shares that it's still an on-going battle to get things settled with insurance.  I hope the very best for them.  I know many in the caking community and their fans have given their support in their time of need.

I hear Fabulous Cakes on TLC is also excellent.  Grr.  I might have to talk with hubby about finally getting cable. I watched the first episode of Buddy's Next Great Baker.  One of the contestants lives not far from me, and we are both active members in our city's cake club.  Unfortunately it's very reality-tv-ish and downright ridiculous at times.  Buddy is even more over-dramatic than on Cake Boss.  It'd be hard for me to stomach watching more of it, but I'd still want to root for the home-team.

... need more tv ... can't dirty kitchen ... need to lose weight ...

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