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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookie Exchange 2010

Cookie Exchange 2010

The Capital Confectioners cake club had their Christmas party yesterday.  We had some great food and good laughs.  The best part was definitely coming home with a big stash of cookies from our cookie exchange!

I've never done a cookie exchange before.  We were instructed to make 36 cookies and bag them in pairs with their recipe attached.  I found this recipe in a cookbook: Hazelnut Espresso Sandwich Cookies.  I doubled the recipe to make sure I had enough and even extra for the holidays.  Um, that turned out to be a lot of cookies!  I hit a good stride using 2 cookie pans, rotating them in and out of the oven as I rolled and cut out the dough.  These are with 2 1/4" diameter cutters.


Sandwich ...

Enjoy!  (I think she's actually eating a different cookie though)

Hubby and I decided we're NOT sharing our stash with anyone!

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