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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Cook 24 Cupcake Pan and Carrier: Review

Good Cook's Bake-N-Take
24 Cupcake Pan and Carrier

UPDATE:  I've thrown the plastic portions of this carrier away.  A tiny piece broke off one of the locking hinges, rendering this carrier useless.  Oh well.  At least I have the cupcake pan still.

I've been wanting a cupcake carrier for some time, and my baking hobby usually ends up with me packing my goodies and taking them to work for coworkers to enjoy.  Carrying and balancing 2 Pyrex baking dishes full of cuppies just isn't doing it for me.  I picked this up at my local HEB for $14.99, but Amazon.com has them for $19.99.  This is from Good Cook's line of Bake-N-Take products.  It features a carrying handle on the cover that locks on to both sides of the cupcake pan.  The pan holds 12 cuppies as well as a red insert that stands above the pan.

The baking pan itself did fine, nothing good or bad to even remark on.  It's sturdy and even with elongated ends for you to grab.

I baked snickerdoodle cuppies and iced them with Cake Love's IMBC.  With a 1M tip, you can get a pretty tall topping with the double swirl technique.  Unfortunately this means the tippy tops get squished when the whole thing is assembled.

When I put the top on, I noticed the area directly beneath the carrying handle was sunken in.  I removed it quickly before the two cuppies underneath were ruined.

The handle is soft and the whole thing is easy to carry.  I'm pretty confident my goodies will make it to the break room at my studio without any trouble.

All in all, it's not so bad.  I just have to know not to make the icing tall. And if I do, well, I still have those Pyrex baking dishes...

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