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Friday, March 5, 2010

Costco Mousse: Recipe

Costco Mousse

My co-worker turned me on to this recipe.  When you go to the link, you'll see it's called "Costco Mousse" because it was written by a former Costco employee.  I don't have a better name for it, so I will refer to it as "Costco Mousse" as well.  It's your basic instant pudding recipe except substitute half your milk with heavy whipping cream.  When I first tried this on my BMW cake, I wasn't sure what to expect.  In the beginning, it was all liquidy and unappealing.  Whip this sucker like you would to make whipped cream and it will start to thicken up.  It's smooth and creamy and delicious.  I'm not a big pudding fan, but I can definitely appreciate this stuff.  Unfortunately because of the cream this requires refrigeration, so make some room in your fridge.

I love this recipe because these ingredients are usually on hand.  I've stockpiled several boxes of pudding, and my fridge typically has heavy whipping cream for one reason or another.

If you want to play it safe, make a dam before you fill your cake.

But I have filled a small cake w/o the dam.  I think the cold will buy you some time before the cake starts to bulge.  When cold, this stuff is pretty thick.

I've frozen the left-overs before and thawed it later for another cake.  I didn't even need to re-whip it.  It was still smooth and creamy after it thawed.

What's great is that pudding comes in so many flavors.  I've tried Jello's Cheesecake Pudding inside red velvet cake and let me tell you ... cake and cheesecake???  Hello?  Why are you waiting around?  Go try this stuff now.  And give me some.

If you would like to learn more, baking911.com has a wonderful page that has lots of information on pudding and mousse.

MOUSSE: is the modern day version of pudding, with a smooth and creamy texture and is not cooked. Originally, the word mousse came from the French term meaning "foam" or "froth".

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