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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

My family and I had a lovely Christmas holiday.  My dear husband and his family got me many baking goodies for me to play with.  2010 will be a good year for cakes!

My presents:
  • bundt cake pan
    • nice dark and heavy pan with non-stick surface; it's just begging for it to be filled with pound cake
  • glass turn table
    • glides so smoothly and looks beautiful; I will photograph my cakes on this in the future
  • Cake Doctor books
    • soooo many recipes for me to try! even if I did one cake a week it'd still take years to get through
  • gum paste tool set
    • handy dandy tools for playing with fondant and gum paste
  • fall themed cookie cutters
    • originally given to my mother in law from her mother, then passed down to me
  • cake decorating book
    • especially informative on royal icing
  • cake lifter
    • so awesome, I'll never accidentally split a cake again
  • quilt impression mats
    • 1" and 1 1/4" wide diamonds
  • marzipan
    • I will attempt to cover a cake with this and then ice it with royal icing ... very European ;)
A big thank you to my family who has been very supportive of this sudden and crazy new obsession of mine!  Lots of love to my husband who even cleaned up the huge mess I made from baking last Friday!

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