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Monday, January 25, 2010

February is going to be busy!!!

I've got a busy month ahead of me.  On February 12th, my brother-in-law is graduating from Universal Technical Institute.  He has been accepted into BMW's school and will soon move out to Rancho Cucamonga, California for training.  To celebrate, well, what else do I do but make cake!  It'll look something like this:

I've been wanting to make a BMW cake ever since my hubby and his 2 brothers bought BMWs all within a few months ... and now this???  It's a sign.  Well, no, it's a logo.  And it will also be cake.


My dear cousin's little girl is turning 1, and we're celebrating with tons of family and friends.  I asked to do the cake and was so excited that they said yes!  The birthday party theme is bouncy balls.  There will be a little ball pit for the babies (which I'm sure my little one will be enjoying), and plenty of balls the older kids can bounce.  Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for a bouncy outside!  It was requested that the cake match the theme ... hey, no prob.  I'm going to start sketching designs tonight.  I even get to make a smash cake just for the birthday girl!


The end of the month is the big one.  The "That Takes the Cake" Sugar Art and Cake Show.  I'm so excited, but no where close to prepared.  I still need to buy cake dummies and drums.  I still need to prototype all the cakes.  I still need to make several batches of fondant in different colors.  I still need to make at least 3 dozen gum paste roses.  Heck, I still need to design one of my entries.  My first few ideas for the "Special Occasion / Novelty Tiered" cake were dismal failures.  I exaggerate, but still.  I'm back to square one.

Thanks in advance to my family who let me do all these crazy things.  My husband is concerned about all this cake that I've volunteered to make ... but hey, it's family.  I'll do crazy cake things for family any day.  There's a mountain of work ahead of me ... good thing I get to eat it when done.

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