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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cake Spackle: Technique

Cake Spackle Technique

I finally tried "cake spackle", a concept from Toba Garrett's book The Well-decorated Cake (http://www.tobagarrett.com/meet.html).  I'm thoroughly impressed!  See for yourself!

I baked 2 6" rounds of Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake (Wilton 6"x2" pans). 

The left pan did not have baking strips, but the right did.  There's a pretty noticeable difference there.  The cake with the baking strips baked more level and to the edges.  The non-strips cake domed and cracked.

The cakes were so delicate!  The sides are all ugly and part of it stuck to the pan as I was taking them out to cool.

After leveling and stacking them, it was clear that something needed to be done.

Cake spackle looks a little gross, but it tastes fine.  It was difficult to get it to stick to the cake at first, but I got the hang of it after a while.  With a little TLC, my little cake became awesome.

Here it is iced (I wasn't done with the top at the time though):

From now on, I'm a spackle-girl!  Thanks, Toba!


  1. Thank you, I'm going to try this tomorrow!! It's my day off and I'm baking a cake to use up left over key lime filling. So I'll try this!! Wish me luck. deb

  2. Wow! Thanks Chris for this technique (and thanks to Toba Garrett too!) :) The cake scraps have another purpose afterall (aside from cake pops).


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