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Monday, February 8, 2010

Practicing on a Dummy

Practicing on a Dummy

I practiced decorating a 10"x4" styrofoam round dummy cake.  It was iced with IndyDebi's buttercream with royal icing piped on to it.  I tried out several different designs ... now my arm and wrist are dying.  I've never really piped all that much besides simple borders.  I definitely need more practice.  A dollop of corn syrup was added to the royal icing which seemed to help with the consistency.  All this was done with Wilton tip #3.  Which do you like best?

curly C's

cornelli lace

curly S's and drop strings

um ... cage thingie and basket weave

dots and swirly border

hearts and other swirly border


I like the cornelli lace because it's mostly continuous.  
You don't see many points where the tip was picked up.
This would look better with a smaller tip.

I like these swirls because they're a little more interesting.
It wasn't until later that I realized I could avoid the ugly peaks if I drew the swirls in reverse (inner to outer).


  1. wow nice! nice practice!

  2. everytime i start to ice a cake with homemade butter creams, they start out great, bu then they start getting arm from my hand and coming out not so mice, even after i try freezing it to stiffen it up, the icing is just not the same as when i first started. ive tried with various recipes. ive tried store bought icings, they seem to have a nice consistency but, id like to use my own buttercream. has this happend to you? any suggestions? kiara_johnson@hotmail.com (please post buttercream reply or something similar as header or i might accidentally delete it):) t.y


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