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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Filling a Decorator's Bag: Plug or Plastic Wrap Method

"Plug" or "Plastic Wrap" Method
for filling a decorator's (i.e. icing) bag

This is a fantastic way to cut down on the mess that can happen when filling a decorator's bag with icing.  My co-worker learned this while he was taking Wilton Course 1, and we looked it up on cakecentral.com.  Here is the post we found with photos:

While I made my BMW cake, I took a few photos of my own.

First, tear off a square of plastic wrap on to a flat surface.

Spoon out your icing on to the middle of the square.

Fold 2 opposite sides in, making a little burrito.

Twist one end until it is sealed shut.
I twist the end with the most plastic sticking out.
Leave the other end open.

Take your decorator's bag and put your coupler and tip on.  
I like to fold down the back end so it can stay wide open.

Insert your icing burrito with the open end down.  
The twisted end should be nearest the open end of the bag.

With the bag upright, give it a little shake so the icing burrito can shimmy down all the way to the tip.
Try to get rid of as much air and slack as you can.
Close up the end of your bag (either twist or tie it). 
Give the back end a squeeze.
You can now see the icing escape out of the plastic wrap and into the bag.

Now pipe away!  I've been told these plastic disposable bags can be reused a few times ... up until now I've been too lazy to clean them out.  With this method, clean up is much easier.  

Hope you enjoyed!

UPDATE (4/19/10)
What I like most about this tip is that you won't get any big air pockets in your decorating bag.  Sometimes when I just load icing directly into the bag, it traps air in between the globs that I'm putting in one at a time with my rubber spatula.  When piping, I can hit one of those air pockets and icing will blow out the tip ... making for one ugly cupcake topping!

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