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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cake Balls!

Last Saturday I attended the lovely wedding of my friends Hang and Sandi (see the engagement cake I made for them here).  They had an awesome cake ball groom's cake.


He's a UT fan but for some reason USC is winning (according to the little fake score board).  The whole setup was a real crowd pleaser.  The groom later told me that the cake decorator was so proud because this was the first stadium she made (it looked to be constructed with wood and cardboard) and it turned out so well.  She requested any photos so she can advertise with it on her website.  The stadium will be reused in many occasions to come!

The groom said unfortunately the bride and groom cake balls were accidentally left off of the display.  The groom ball had a tux and the bride was in white.  The football player balls had little fondant helmet guards.  I was lucky enough to taste 2 different cake balls (from the "crowd"), one carrot cake and one banana cake.  They were delicious!  I just had to know how to make these bit-size bits of heaven.

Here is an absolutely wonderful tutorial for making cake balls from www.thepioneerwoman.com:

She makes spooky Halloween treats in this post.  I really appreciate all the photos and in-depth information in her tutorial.  I'm so excited ... just need a good excuse to make some ...

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