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Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Zoey!

Happy Birthday, Zoey!

My little girl's birthday isn't until Friday, but we've already celebrated her birthday 3 times with various family members on different days.  Still not sure if I'll make yet another cake later this week!  The first cake is when we doubled her birthday with my nephew and celebrated with my side of the family.  The second is when we celebrated with my hubby's family.

  • 8" square yellow cake
    • filled and frosted with chocolate icing
    • frozen buttercream transfer of Spongebob and Patrick
    • sides coated with "sand" (crushed graham crackers and brown sugar)
  • 8" round chocolate buttermilk cake
    • filled and frosted with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream
    • topped wiith "dirt" (cake crumbs)
    • piped almond bark dinosaur bones
    • piped shell borders

It's been a while since I've done a frozen buttercream transfer.  Last time I did one, the parchment paper I had piped on to seemed to crinkle while freezing.  This time I used some nice acetate, but it still managed to warp slightly as the buttercream contracted.  Maybe next time I'll tape the acetate down firmly to my small cutting board.

Instead of piping all the colors, I used a paint brush for some of the smaller areas.  I dabbed the colored icing into the proper spots instead of wasting icing bags and time for less than a square inch of coloring.  It turned out well, especially for having done it in the middle of the night.  The next day I plopped on the frozen slab and threw crumbs on the side of the cake right as our guests were walking in.

My daughter's one request for her birthday was dinosaurs.  For this cake, I put the leveled cake tops into the food processor to make crumbs.  After filling and icing the cake, I sprinkled the crumbs to cover the top to look like soil.  With melted almond bark in a squeeze bottle, I piped some dinosaur bones.  She thoroughly enjoyed picking out the bones and eating them.

Happy Birthday, kid!


  1. Love it! These are both awesome. I've never done a buttercream transfer but it looks cool so I believe I need to try it. Great job with both cakes

  2. Simply awesome > Nice work. It seems to be yummy ones :)


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