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Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Trust a 2 Year Old

FYI, don't trust a 2 year old alone with parts of your cake competition entry.  Don't get me wrong; I have a great kid.  I suppose I set myself up for this one.

Sometimes I work on my competition entry in the kitchen and leave my stuff out.  My daughter will come along as ask what it is.  She's about 2 and 3/4 years old and is used to seeing "Mommy's toys" out on the table.  She sees me working with gumpaste and asks if it's Playdough.  I explain that it's a lot like Playdough and Mommy is using it to make things.  I let her have a piece and have her squish it.  I explain the shaker has powder in it to make it not sticky.  She gets to roll the gumpaste around on my mat with powdered sugar.  I explain to her that Mommy is letting these other pieces dry so they can get hard.  I tell her not to touch those pieces and she nods, fully understanding.  I go to the bathroom and come back, then noticing one of my pieces is gone ... she is squishing it and pushing it around on the mat.  Luckily I had made 3 duplicate pieces "just in case" and she had grabbed the one that I didn't like that much.  After a brief exchange of me expressing my shock, we both got over it and moved on.  We enjoyed playing with gumpaste together.

Oh well.  At least she didn't eat it.


  1. When my son was 5 he used the tip of a pencil to pick the every lace point off of a lace wrap on a display cake I was working on. He did eat them. I was not happy.


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