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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Competition Work Log: Special Techniques

Competition Work Log: Special Techniques

For the longest time I had not decided what I would do for this category.  I think I decided some time last week.  It's coming along great though!

02/20/11: Hubby and I were re-organizing the den so we could put in my new computer desk.  In doing so we sacrificed a small shelf that held our router and wireless modem to my cake cause.  The shelf inserts were 10"x10" squares that was a perfect base for my model.  I screwed in 2 screws and attached a wire frame (wire coat hanger) to them.  With a generous helping of hot glue, the wire frame was going no where.  I made some rice krispie treats to make the majority of my model's bulk.  Turns out the wire stuck out too far on the top.  We didn't have any appropriate wire cutters so I was at a loss how to reconcile that.  Hubby said I could try the branch cutters and it worked great!  After the bulk was attacked, I covered it with goopy royal icing and let it harden over night. ~ 2 hours.

01/21/11: In a way, I now think modeling chocolate is easier to work with than clay.  I don't have to do any moisture control, just temperature management.  I put a layer of modeling chocolate over my model and sculpted out his features and musculature.  It was fun!  I have a plastic model that I used for reference, but I tried to not make it an exact copy.  I'm letting him "dry" overnight and hopefully painting him will go well.  ~ 3 hours.

01/22/11:  Painting did not go well at first.  I learned the hard way that modeling chocolate and food coloring don't like each other.  I don't know how, but I got some magical combination of gel coloring, Wilton White White, airbrush coloring liquid, and food coloring powder to all play nice and made some sort of opaque paint.  I doubt I'll ever be able to reproduce this!  Next time I'm investing in come cocoa butter colorings.  ~ 2 hours.

01/24/11:  I finished my model's accessories and the board.  Extruding and working with thin ropes of modeling chocolate is very tricky!  You can't handle it for very long or it starts to soften from the heat of your fingers.  I had several ropes threaten to melt as I was trying to place them around my model.  For the board, at first I was going to grind some rice and press it into buttercream on the surface to simulate rocky earth, but it turned out just rough buttercream that was slightly tinted looked great!  Saved me lots of time.  It's all done!  ~ 2 hours.

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