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Monday, July 5, 2010

DIY Lightbox

DIY Lightbox

I finally got around to making my own lightbox for photographing little things.  This tutorial is fantastic:

There were a few modifications in my design ... mostly because I hadn't read that tutorial recently and didn't remember everything.

  • cardboard box
  • freezer paper
  • hot glue
  • tape

My husband recently ordered a new computer, so I got a nice cardboard box to make my little photo studio.  I re-enforced the corners and folds with tape and a line of hot glue.  With a craft blade, I cut out panels from 3 sides and the bottom.

Rough-cut sheets of freezer paper were hot-glued to the box.  In the tutorial he uses tissue paper.  This substitute seems much sturdier.

I've got a bendy lamp with this bulb shining through the right side of the box.  I think I need more lamps.

I didn't have any posterboard to put as the background, so I just used more freezer paper.  It's definitely not ideal because it's not 100% opaque.  I think the lampshade also gave the light a yellow tint.

There's plenty of room for improvements, but at least I got this project started.  You can definitely tell I need more white light and a better background.  These pictures are with the lamp on the right and my camera flash pointing straight up.

It's nice to have a designated area to take pictures with.  Hopefully my cats won't think it's a great idea to jump in it.


  1. Very cool, I've been meaning to make one myself so I can stop taking pics on my ghetto dining table and boring background :). Thanks for the ink to the tutorial!

  2. *link
    Note to self, must spellcheck :|

  3. It sounds like we have been up to the same thing! I have red the light box tutorials, but I could never figure out how to enlarge them for cakes without them looking terrible and taking up a ton of space.


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