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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cricut Learning Curve

Sometimes, I have no idea what this thing is doing.

Remember when I said I love my Cricut?  It's still true.  But it's not all smooth like buttah.  I'm beginning to see why some people say there's a "learning curve" with using it.  That's actually not exactly what I'm experiencing.  Sometimes, I have no idea what this thing is doing. 

To be honest, yeah, I'm tech savvy.  My day job is a programmer at a video game studio.  I work with software and hardware for 8 hours a day.  I've used the Cricut and SCAL for only a few days now, and I've already had to power-cycle it, emergency stop it, and fiddle with the settings.  It just made a deep gash across my vinyl while it was re-aligning the head.  It made an awful sound as it tried to drill into my cutting mat.  SCAL froze.  I'm hoping this is just all bad luck.

I did experience some learning curve issues that eventually got ironed out.  I'm going to have to space out the days when I'm using this thing or my husband will probably go insane with the sound of cutting.  We have the Cricut in the den near our computers.  My free time starts when my infant finally falls asleep ... he plays computer games while I surf the web or do crafty things. The sound of the Cricut cutting is already annoying me, but I get over it cuz I'm the one initiating it.

My first cake with help from the Cricut will be finished tomorrow.  I'm using vinyl to cut out a stencil for decorating.  Hopefully it all goes well, and you'll see the results soon!

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  1. You can get stencil plastic to cut too, it works really well. I did a cake that used a cricut-cut stencil. If I rememebr correctly I had to do the multi-cut finction to make sure it went through all the way, but I'll bet it works better than vinyl would.


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