"Hey, I can do that!"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Post!

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog!

This blog is intended to catalog my adventures in cake decorating. I can only hope that this blog helps or inspires others to dive into the realm of decorating cakes. It's the most delicious art out there!

I have a "no secret" policy.  I will do my best to describe the entire process for how I decorated my cakes viewed on this blog, what recipes I used, etc.  I will also do my best to try and not post anything that doesn't belong to me, but if a photo or except  from another site will describe something accurately, I will post it and include a link to the original page.

Another part of the "no secret" policy is that I will also try my best to show any flaws during my cake decorating adventures.  Don't be surprised if you see a high definition photo with a big honkin' arrow pointing to something ugly on my cake.  In my online research I got very discouraged when I couldn't find anything wrong with a nice cake.  I felt so far away from reaching my goal when I thought decorators never ran into any problems.  I will do my best to tell you all about my failures as well as successes and catalog where I can improve.  That will be the only way for me to really learn the lessons I encounter so as not to repeat mistakes.

Join me and the "Hey, I can do that!" attitude!!!


  1. just found you and love the attitude - "Hey I Can do That"... When I discovered decorating years ago I was very excited and THEN I discovered Gumpaste Flowers.. Hey, I can do that!!! Being very detailed with a ton of patience.. thanks for sharing...

  2. I love your site. I am a self-taught cake decorator. I just do stuff for family and friends, but have a blast doing it. If you want to see my cakes check out my blog at http://sahmscrapbook.wordpress.com.


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