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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cake Wrecks Book Tour

Cake Wrecks Book Tour
November 15, 2011
Austin, TX

Cake Wrecks, the famous blog of professional cakes gone bad, finished up its second book tour across the USA.  They were promoting their latest book, Wreck the Halls, just in time for the "Hole Days".  Luckily one of their last stops was in my home town!  Capital Confectioners, the local cake club, was there to make sure we represent.


We had a blast!  Jen and John Yates, authors of Cake Wrecks, had several slide shows of unimaginable cakes and fun stories to share with us.  Each book tour stop involved a cupcake wreck-plica contest and a local bakery that volunteered to feed the masses.  There were so many fantastic cupcakes!  Here are a few:



Blue Note Bakery from south Austin shared her "cake bars", showing some true Austin colors.

The entire night, this handsome guy kept staring back at me:

This is Hugh Jackman's head by Kimberly Chapman over at http://www.eat-the-evidence.com/.  Pop over there for a better back story!


This really was a fun night, lots of laughs and sugar!  We're hoping Jen and John will be back in town in February for our annual "That Takes The Cake" Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition.  Here's the entire photo gallery:

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  1. I really admire their talent in making those lovely cake decorations. Who can't resist to that. :">


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